I am a dance maker, experimental filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist. I am  intrigued with the experience of small, daily encounters and the cumulative impressions they make on human beings over time. I am curious about the significance of human touch, perception and presence. My approach to art making is influenced by this interest in the phenomena of the senses, reflexes and myriad survival methods humans employ in response to danger, safety, pleasure, and poetics that allow one to glimpse the humor of one’s predicament as well as the possibility for transcendence.

The relationship between geography and memory and between humans and the landscape they inhabit, intrigues me. Geographic expressions of memory emerge from the discrete residues that are revealed when working in a location for a period of time. Hence my love of site-specific work. My continued interest in the contrasts found in landscapes: between wildness and domestication as both ecological reality as well as metaphoric, is a theme that continues to inspire my work. I explore this phenomenon through the body, sourcing the potential harmony and friction of wild and tame found therein. 

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